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And What Of His Magic Squares

Feb. × ’11

Over the past several days I’ve ran into several people who’ve said they’ve been unexpected shook up about Milton Babbitt’s death. I don’t mean to say that I didn’t expect people to be moved by his passing, he was massively influential figure in basically every academic branch of music in addition to his compositional legacy, […]

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Beat It

Jun. × ’09

A lot like most of the people on the Intertubes, it seems I was more affected by the death of Michael Jackson than I was really expecting considering how long he’s been a non-entity on any sort of musical scene. Nonetheless, Michael Jackson was there when I was first becoming aware of music as a […]

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Two Tickets to Sirius

Dec. × ’07

I may not be having the level of success that, say, Kyle Gann or Darcy James Argue were during their recent bouts of radio silence, but relative increase in non-Internet activity is sort of the same.A compatriot of mine has been delving into oboe works of Karlheinz Stockhausen (only two thusfar, one with feedback!) over […]

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Celebrity Deathwatch: IAJE Edition

Jan. × ’07

Concerning the passing of Michael Brecker, the Internets agree that Mark Turner said it best (although we all heard it first on Do the Math) Fuck those motherfuckers who don’t give it up for Michael Brecker. In the jazz circles I rolled with in Wisconsin, Brecker was nigh invincible. I can’t think of anyone else […]

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Celebrity Deathwatch – Holiday 2006 Edition

Dec. × ’06

It is often said that deaths come in threes, so I was waiting for the tres before commenting on either of the two previous. However, it’s getting unfashionably late for me to discuss the late Mr. Brown. Dial M has a really great tribute that ropes in the idea of hip-hop (and funk and so […]

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Oct. × ’06

I worked as the metal director for WLFM for close to three years, and I found a lot of cool bands that way. It’s always a bummer when a band you dig calls it quits, but when Swarm of the Lotus announced they were hanging it up it stung just a little more. Their independent […]

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You Had a Lot to Say, You Had a Lot of Nothing to Say

Oct. × ’06

CBGB’s is dead, all hail CBGB’s. The Times has perhaps the most fitting eulogy to the little club that could, appropriately with Patty Smith dealing the fatal blow. The overall sentiment seems to be stated best by Ms. Smith herself: “Kids, they’ll find some other club,” Ms. Smith insisted during her set. They’ll find a […]

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