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Codex Calixtinus stolen from Santiago de Campostela

Jul. × ’11

Why is there no freaking out about this? As someone who is having trouble getting autograph sources from 1980, the loss of a known 12th-century manuscript is gutwrenching.

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A Musical Dramaturg

Mar. × ’10

Last weekend was the university’s annual Jakobsen Conference, wherein all the graduate students get together to play house conference and have a bang-up interdisciplinary time. Maybe it was due to having significantly fewer nerves than last year, but it didn’t seem nearly as well attended. This could have been due to the conference not really […]

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A Well-Tempered Tablet

Jan. × ’10

Everyone is literally urinating themselves over this tablet that Apple better come up with on Wednesday, if they know what’s good for their stock price.1 I can’t say I’m not intrigued by a computer with a totally different form factor. My just over three year old MacBook is on its second battery, second hard drive, […]

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