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Wheel in The Sky Keeps On Turnin’

Sep. × ’08

I’m not usually much of a linkinista guy, but this was cool so I make exceptions. In opposition to much of the aimless chatter that happens on NewMusicBox (yeah yeah, here too), composer Erik Spengler has written a comprehensive and readable primer on turntablism for his ilk. In The Cut: A Composer’s Guide To The […]

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Do You Hear What I Hear

Sep. × ’08

School has begun and I’m starting a whole new program at a whole new school. Hence bad at the bloggy. Anyway, overheard at the UE-COGS event at The Mill: “Musicologists don’t like Miles David because he makes too many mistakes.” Respond.

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Quantum of Venue

Aug. × ’08

The Complexity Wars of a couple weeks ago have morphed into a discussion about treating the audience and their reaction to a work as a single entity, in an Composer vs. Audience sort of way. Kyle Gann says that reaction is more indicative of venue that anything else, Soho links it in a Freakonomics-way to […]

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Believe In Your Summer ’08

Jul. × ’08

The summer reading list is a tradition as old as the printed word and the acknowledgment of seasons. Having been a careless and fancy free performer for the past several summers said reading list usually consists of cleanup on a series of esoteric topics and angular science fiction/steampunk novels. But now I am a musicologist, […]

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Subjective Greatness

Feb. × ’08

Through the usual channels of circumstance I scored tickets to last weekend’s Celebrity Series gig at Jordan Hall, being told only that it was a Gershwin something or other. I can’t exactly say I’m a musical theater man, but despite not having had the chance to crack Alex Ross’s book I’m familiar with its opening […]

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Stupid Machine!

Aug. × ’07

Two weekends ago I ventured to the western side of the state for the last time this summer for a two friends’ wedding. (To each other. Congratulations Joel and Miranda) Being both musicians there were a few people there to wax musicological with, including a post-doc fellow from Lawrence and a friend starting her doctorate […]

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A Musicologist’s Life For Me

Apr. × ’07

(A note: The past two weeks certainly have happened. I’ll probably be blogging things that happened during them in reverse order.)A couple months ago I was reading Dial M for Musicology, a favored blog o’ mine, when I noticed one of the links was a different color than the rest of them.In a proper and […]

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