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Vegan Black Metal Chef

Nov. × ’11

This is for my parents, who are not vegan.

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Adequately Socialized

Oct. × ’10

Angela and I went to see The Social Network a week ago and we might have been the oldest people in the theater, which is unusual for a movie getting so much Oscar buzz. I doubt it will snag many awards, if not the Academy’s suspicion of David Fincher’s body of work then for the […]

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But Bass Is Eternal

Jul. × ’08

Since I now live in a household where at any moment the Van Halen Debate can quickly escalate to blows, it is comforting to have something everyone can agree on like Michael Anthony. Upon watching Live Without A Net I realized that the affable bassist’s influence may extend past the pedal-point on “Running With The […]

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Zoso What

Sep. × ’07

Turns out that it takes more than a desk job to get me to post. Without reliable Internet that I can get my filthy hands on, my feedreader lies barren. Read ten times as much as you write…..so on so forth, very good, right away. Anyway if I seem horrible out of touch with some […]

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Blow Your Gats On This One

Jan. × ’07

Darcy James Argue posted a million years ago about the long tradition of really terribly awful rock saxophone solos, but why did no one ask of metal saxophone solos? I’m sure may of you are thinking that’s because the previous phrase was absurd and rediculous. However, I have a an example! A good one! So […]

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Oct. × ’06

I worked as the metal director for WLFM for close to three years, and I found a lot of cool bands that way. It’s always a bummer when a band you dig calls it quits, but when Swarm of the Lotus announced they were hanging it up it stung just a little more. Their independent […]

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