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Do You Hear What I Hear

Sep. × ’08

School has begun and I’m starting a whole new program at a whole new school. Hence bad at the bloggy. Anyway, overheard at the UE-COGS event at The Mill: “Musicologists don’t like Miles David because he makes too many mistakes.” Respond.

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Celebrity Deathwatch: IAJE Edition

Jan. × ’07

Concerning the passing of Michael Brecker, the Internets agree that Mark Turner said it best (although we all heard it first on Do the Math) Fuck those motherfuckers who don’t give it up for Michael Brecker. In the jazz circles I rolled with in Wisconsin, Brecker was nigh invincible. I can’t think of anyone else […]

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Keys are Funny Things

Dec. × ’06

The Bad Plus links to me and I get more pageviews than I did in the first two months of this interblag. When I submitted my answers to the original gentlemen of the Bad Plus, I included an anecdote of my brief conversation I had with Ethan Iversen. I tell it in its entirety:At the […]

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Do the Math questionnaire fest

Dec. × ’06

Do The Math invited the sum of the blogosphere to answer the questionnaire that they had offered to a variety of important or famous jazz musicians. As a non-important, non-famous, non-jazz (mostly) musician, I accept said invitation.GIVE US AN EXAMPLE OR TWO OF AN ESPECIALLY GOOD OR INTERESTING:1. Movie score. Yojimbo (Masuto Sato set the […]

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You Could Only Hope to Live in Ivywild

Nov. × ’06

I tend to spend my Thursdays at the BPL now. Whereas Monday through Wednesday keep me busy into the evenings and Friday is when my faux musicology is often due, Thursdays are free and allow me time to nerd it up hardcore. It was actually at the much smaller library where I work that this […]

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Garrett with a Fake Punt (or four)

Sep. × ’06

Today I was ventured in the border of Southy (or the South End anyway) for the Beantown Jazz Festival along running along Columbus Avenue. I hear Appleton was having their own block party this very same day, but I bet theirs didn’t have…….KENNY GARRETT!!!!!!111111oneoneoneDrifting once again into vague autobiographical nonsense when I started going to […]

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October-esque = Oktober-fest

Sep. × ’06

I’ve been a little distraught with the realization that I’m probably not making a return visit to the CMJ Music Marathon this year, what with no one from my WLFM posse going and icelu delaying their convergence in the New York area until afterwards.But to my surprise, Boston responds with their own festival! Whether or […]

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