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In 2010 I…

Jan. × ’11

Well, this is closer than last year anyway. And it’s always good to improve, right? Presented a paper at a international conference, and it was about video games. Nice. Started home brewing beer, because I have a lot of free time that needs to be filled with hobbies Lost a dear friend, but he will […]

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Upcoming Performances: Chamber Music/IhearIC

Dec. × ’10

I’m going to be performing twice next week with my favorite ladypal Angela Lickiss, both times playing Andrew Paul Jackson’s epic Aphorism I: …the abyss also looks into you. The first performance is tonight at 8 PM at the UCC Recital Hall as part of Angela’s chamber music recital which will also feature music by […]

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In 2009 I…

Jan. × ’10

Didn’t get around to doing this list, that’s for damn sure! 1 That’s just because shit got heavy right at the end. Well, not really that bad. Not as much shuck and jive as last year, but much like the Yakuza I have the patience to wait. Gave my first paper at a for-real conference! […]

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For To Battel

Jul. × ’09

Over a week late, but you know. My apologies to anyone who shares an eastern border with Iowa. The Smartest Iowan now apparently operates itself as a Facebook group, and hopefully this will be the middle installment of a University of Iowa musicologist trifecta. Click here for Star Wars and eventually here for Return of […]

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A Worthy Adversary

Jun. × ’09

Tonight I will be returning to public access television, a former station of glory for me, to compete on PATV’s The Smartest Iowan gaming television show program against a truly worthy adversary. Little does Angela know that I have prior public access trivia answering experience with ultimate success. The showdown occurs at 8 PM CDT, […]

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Do You Hear What I Hear

Sep. × ’08

School has begun and I’m starting a whole new program at a whole new school. Hence bad at the bloggy. Anyway, overheard at the UE-COGS event at The Mill: “Musicologists don’t like Miles David because he makes too many mistakes.” Respond.

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Believe In Your Summer ’08

Jul. × ’08

The summer reading list is a tradition as old as the printed word and the acknowledgment of seasons. Having been a careless and fancy free performer for the past several summers said reading list usually consists of cleanup on a series of esoteric topics and angular science fiction/steampunk novels. But now I am a musicologist, […]

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Clapp Your Hands Say Yeah

Jun. × ’08

I got to go to Voxman for the first time since we were evactuated as part of a take-all-comers cleanup crew and furthermore was assigned to Clapp Recital Hall. This was my first time getting to see the space, as I had missed it during my interview tour, and seeing it in this light was […]

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Sit on the Levee and Moan

Jun. × ’08

About two weeks ago I realized I had only come up long enough to say I was in Iowa City. As you’ve heard, there has been a lot happening to Iowa City in the last two weeks. I’m fine personally, being lucky enough to live near University Heights, which is called that for a reason.The […]

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Errrwa for Errrrbody

May. × ’08

I’m blogging at you from new coordinates in Iowa City, Iowa, where I’ll (hopefully) be attending the fine University there for musicology. I’ve truly succumbed to the Dark Arts now. I’ve got a lot of ‘splaining to do about change in scenery and blogging in general, but also a lot of unpacking.As much fun as […]

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