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In Absentia

Oct. × ’11

Still alive, but only barely. Posts about exciting things upcoming, but first you should come and hear me and the rest of the Fifth Floor Collective tonight at 8 PM at the Boston Conservatory! I’ll be performing two movements of Andrew Paul Jackson’s In Absentia for soprano and mixed ensemble. Dude just keeps writing me […]

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Videos for Watch Time Enjoyment

Jan. × ’11

Here are a couple videos that I’ve been meaning to post for a couple weeks. This first one is Angela and me performing Andrew Paul Jackson‘s Aphorism I at last month’s IhearIC. Or at least Angela and some guy named Chris HD. By contrast, this video is me playing with one of my gifts from […]

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In 2010 I…

Jan. × ’11

Well, this is closer than last year anyway. And it’s always good to improve, right? Presented a paper at a international conference, and it was about video games. Nice. Started home brewing beer, because I have a lot of free time that needs to be filled with hobbies Lost a dear friend, but he will […]

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Upcoming Performances: Chamber Music/IhearIC

Dec. × ’10

I’m going to be performing twice next week with my favorite ladypal Angela Lickiss, both times playing Andrew Paul Jackson’s epic Aphorism I: …the abyss also looks into you. The first performance is tonight at 8 PM at the UCC Recital Hall as part of Angela’s chamber music recital which will also feature music by […]

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A Crack in the Armor

Jan. × ’10

With the new year has come a renewed zeal to become a two-hat man again. While at the height of my powers I was able to practice up to five hours a day, my hands simply aren’t cut out for that sort of abuse anymore. Since I don’t have any concrete performance obligations looming outside […]

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Stupid Machine!

Aug. × ’07

Two weekends ago I ventured to the western side of the state for the last time this summer for a two friends’ wedding. (To each other. Congratulations Joel and Miranda) Being both musicians there were a few people there to wax musicological with, including a post-doc fellow from Lawrence and a friend starting her doctorate […]

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Confessions of a Pit Fighter

Apr. × ’07

As a guitarist a block away from perhaps the largest concentration of guitarists I’m not exactly swimming in gigs. So my recent less-than-triumphant return to the role of pit musician for a student-directed production of Floyd Collins at the Conservatory, while clearly not the best choice considering the docket I’d already accumulated, was a welcome […]

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Mar. × ’07

Barf Barf Barf Barf Barf (but hey! Check #100!)See Soho The Dog for more information.But he has delivered unto us a meme, and you know how I do with those. Inspired by Hattogate, the questions posed are simple: Whose performances would you like to be able to pass off as your own, and whose performances […]

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You Could Only Hope to Live in Ivywild

Nov. × ’06

I tend to spend my Thursdays at the BPL now. Whereas Monday through Wednesday keep me busy into the evenings and Friday is when my faux musicology is often due, Thursdays are free and allow me time to nerd it up hardcore. It was actually at the much smaller library where I work that this […]

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Shrapnel sequel

Oct. × ’06

I told you I’d be back sooner than you thought. I even did some culture last night n’ stuff. First, however, comes all the random things I wanted to mention yesterday.1!) I’ve been listening to Ornette Coleman again lately, mainly suckered in by his bizarre “Bach Prelude” on the album Tone Dialing. The first half […]

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