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For All Available Brows

Oct. × ’10

From Life Magazine, circa 1949, proving that musical pretension never goes out of style. (via 10 Engines)

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Memes Are Painless

Sep. × ’10

“[A lot of] stupid things are done in my name!” – John Cage

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Conference Call

Sep. × ’09

This last period of radio silence has been filled with all sort of interesting foibles which will hopefully make for some good writing. The most pressing of these foibles is that I am presenting my paper “A Postminimal Analysis of Julius Eastman’s Crazy N***er” at the 2nd International Conference on Music and Minimalism at UMKC […]

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Quantum of Venue

Aug. × ’08

The Complexity Wars of a couple weeks ago have morphed into a discussion about treating the audience and their reaction to a work as a single entity, in an Composer vs. Audience sort of way. Kyle Gann says that reaction is more indicative of venue that anything else, Soho links it in a Freakonomics-way to […]

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Zander Conducts the “7 Habits” Set

Aug. × ’08

I recently found this video of Benjamin Zander, best known to me as conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, giving a talk at TED. Techniques of evangelizing classical music seem diverse, but this is the second time I’ve someone use phrasal analysis (in a sense). However, instead of an affable family-friendly crowd, this is a CEO/high […]

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Subjective Greatness

Feb. × ’08

Through the usual channels of circumstance I scored tickets to last weekend’s Celebrity Series gig at Jordan Hall, being told only that it was a Gershwin something or other. I can’t exactly say I’m a musical theater man, but despite not having had the chance to crack Alex Ross’s book I’m familiar with its opening […]

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Prick Up Your Ears

Jan. × ’08

A number of you might be familiar with social-listening site last.fm, as you can see on the right sidebar I’ve been exhibiting my bizarre listening habits for quite some time now. However for the most part it has lagged behind quasi-competitor Pandora in most of the circles I roll in. Both provide essentially the same […]

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To Raise My Cup Artfully

Oct. × ’07

Through black magick or some such other voodoo the Boston Conservatory got a number of tickets to last Thursday’s opening of the BSO, one of which I promptly scooped up. This seemed more exciting than normally getting free tickets since I had always been led to believe that Opening Night of a major orchestra was […]

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The Guard’s Question Time III: Back to Schooled

Aug. × ’07

Soho the Dog apparently is going to make this gatling quiz of his a regular occurrence. Since I was either outstanding or foolish or a combination of the both enough to make his gold star round-up of the last one, I am obligated, nay demanded, to participate in this one. I’m a sucker for them […]

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Tasty Tunes

Jun. × ’07

A comparison between food and music isn’t really groundbreaking, Soho did a bit on composer recipes a while back and the Dial M gents are compiling a collection of musicological cocktails. My attempt won’t be as clever or utilitarian as either of those, but I got thinking when I read a blog post from chef […]

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