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In Absentia

Oct. × ’11

Still alive, but only barely. Posts about exciting things upcoming, but first you should come and hear me and the rest of the Fifth Floor Collective tonight at 8 PM at the Boston Conservatory! I’ll be performing two movements of Andrew Paul Jackson’s In Absentia for soprano and mixed ensemble. Dude just keeps writing me […]

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Does It Make A Sound?

Oct. × ’10

Andrew Paul Jackson, the composer whose Aphorism I I premiered with Angela last May, has started a blog to expound on his own works as well as eventually talk about Nietschze and Shostakovich. I assume that the title is a pithy comment about no one reading said blog, so I aim to correct that. As […]

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Zander Conducts the “7 Habits” Set

Aug. × ’08

I recently found this video of Benjamin Zander, best known to me as conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, giving a talk at TED. Techniques of evangelizing classical music seem diverse, but this is the second time I’ve someone use phrasal analysis (in a sense). However, instead of an affable family-friendly crowd, this is a CEO/high […]

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You Can Rock

May. × ’08

A couple days ago I found myself in the women’s dressing room backstage at Berklee’s Commencement Concert. A compatriot of mine was playing (oboe!) in the shenanigans and promised lights, smoke machines, and Ornette Coleman. Two of these three were satisfied.As my time in Boston comes to a close I think back on how Berklee […]

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Subjective Greatness

Feb. × ’08

Through the usual channels of circumstance I scored tickets to last weekend’s Celebrity Series gig at Jordan Hall, being told only that it was a Gershwin something or other. I can’t exactly say I’m a musical theater man, but despite not having had the chance to crack Alex Ross’s book I’m familiar with its opening […]

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53 Days Since Time Lost Due To Injury

Oct. × ’07

I don’t know how the rest of you in Internets Land are doing but Boston town has entered a freakish hot spell for late October. Usually the playoffs are when you have to bundle up to sit outside but I had to open all the windows in my apartment and actually punch new openings in […]

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I’m Shipping Up To Boston

Sep. × ’07

Actually I’m already here, but what’s more Boston than a Dropkick Murphys reference?Posting should improve, I realize this is primarily because I’m back at a job that places me before a computer for hours at a time.Most of the recent days have been spent moving into my new apartment. Whereas all of my classmates have […]

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By Succeeding I am Failing to Fail

Jun. × ’07

Things I somehow didn’t do in my first year in Boston, and may be inexcusable. Go to the top of the Pru. I managed most other touristy things like the Freedom Trail, but this one eluded me. I did however point to the top of the Pru during orientation week and declare if we didn’t […]

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You Live In The Universe This Whole Time

Mar. × ’07

Big ol’ drought. That was weird, sorry about that guys. The Conservatory was on spring break this past week and my parents came up while I had some time off, thusly I did all the touristy nonsense that I have neglected in the six months I’ve been here. It’s been great. I actually have a […]

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I’m Probably Still Voting In Illinois

Feb. × ’07

In case any of you are interested in the Boston concert music scene and don’t read Soho the Dog (i.e. none of you), radio journeymen WCRB are polling for Boston’s Top 100 Classical Pieces of all time. Clearly something must be done about this. Having seen the power of a party system, a brief list […]

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