In Absentia

Submitted by Andy on Fri, 10/21/2011 - 09:02

Still alive, but only barely. Posts about exciting things upcoming, but first you should come and hear me and the rest of the Fifth Floor Collective tonight at 8 PM at the Boston Conservatory!

Poster for "In Absentia", October 21 8 PM at Boston Conservatory

I'll be performing two movements of Andrew Paul Jackson's In Absentia for soprano and mixed ensemble. Dude just keeps writing me guitar parts! There will also be awexome jams from Collective composers Patrick Greene and Joe Colombo, as well as interloper Matthew Barnson.

Frick. I wish I had seen this post before the concert. I'm sure it was as awesome as it looks. I imagine you're back in Iowa/heading back there soon, but you should look me up the next time you're in Boston. I'll be sure to mark down the future FFC concerts on my calendar.

Believe or not, I live in Brighton on a relatively permanent basis! Contact me through normal channels, we'll catch dinner sometime.