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Paperless’s Steam Engine Time

Nov. × ’11

After posting my writeup about giving a paperless presentation, I’m seeing all sorts of follow-up everywhere. Which is how many of these things work. While this article about running a business from an iPad is a serious (and unrelated) workflow, the opening paragraphs gets to the crux of why I’m interested in exploring giving a […]

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Paper Sans Paper (mk 1)

Oct. × ’11

One thing about my presentation in Belgium that I’ve separated off, mainly due to it being only of interest to nerds, was that I did it entirely paperlessly. Unless, of course, you include the sizable copse that was felled in the process of writing the thesis that the paper was based on. This was primarily […]

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Research refutes “digital native” theory

Aug. × ’11

Marc Prensky’s “digital native” theory, that there is a a distinct shift in technological understanding for those born circa 1970(ish), is something I always think about whenever some jackass from Best Buy describes a computer as “something your mom can use!” I often end up informing them rather indelicately that my mom was typesetting shit […]

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Major ISPs agree to “six strikes” plan

Jul. × ’11

The “six strikes” moniker makes it sound draconian, but the major ISP’s new copyright infringement agreement with the MPAA and RIAA is a very small step towards a saner world. Nate Anderson at Ars Technica breaks in down into human language: The agreement puts heavy emphasis on “education,” going so far as to recast this […]

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Matchmaker Matchmaker

Jun. × ’11

Even the silly number of Mac pundits that I follow have had a difficult time comprehending the sheer breadth of information that was thrown at them during last Monday’s WWDC keynote. Analysis has come out in drips and drabs, some about iOS 5, some about Lion, and terribly few about iCloud. All of this was […]

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So You Want to Get a PhD in The Humanities

Oct. × ’10

I am going to be a college professor.

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Adequately Socialized

Oct. × ’10

Angela and I went to see The Social Network a week ago and we might have been the oldest people in the theater, which is unusual for a movie getting so much Oscar buzz. I doubt it will snag many awards, if not the Academy’s suspicion of David Fincher’s body of work then for the […]

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Recalcifications and Revisions As Concerns the iPad (Parte The First: Wherein Issues Unrelated to Printed Sheet Music Are Discussed)

Jan. × ’10

What is it? I’m still not entirely sure who this is for and whether it’s suppose to be a primary or secondary device. My particular demographic (technologically inclined with a little bit of disposal income, but still very aware of bills that need paying) seems to have been pretty apathetic during the keynote until the […]

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A Well-Tempered Tablet

Jan. × ’10

Everyone is literally urinating themselves over this tablet that Apple better come up with on Wednesday, if they know what’s good for their stock price.1 I can’t say I’m not intrigued by a computer with a totally different form factor. My just over three year old MacBook is on its second battery, second hard drive, […]

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Fanboy Diminished

Jan. × ’07

I’ve been using Macs for as long as I’ve been using computers, but I would hesitate to call myself an Apple fanboy. Sure, I’ve never had a non-Apple computer and tippity-type upon a MacBook at the moment. I also am a Pod person, and take every swipe at Microsoft that’s available. (The “Surgery” pairing of […]

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