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Matchmaker Matchmaker

Jun. × ’11

Even the silly number of Mac pundits that I follow have had a difficult time comprehending the sheer breadth of information that was thrown at them during last Monday’s WWDC keynote. Analysis has come out in drips and drabs, some about iOS 5, some about Lion, and terribly few about iCloud. All of this was […]

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Acousmatic Music at Huddersfield

Feb. × ’11

I originally wrote this several months ago to post after coming back from the Huddersfield New Music Festival, intending to post it to the blog for my post-tonal analysis class. For some reason that didn’t happen, and having just recently ran into a friend of mine who also terms himself an acousmatic musician I figured […]

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And What Of His Magic Squares

Feb. × ’11

Over the past several days I’ve ran into several people who’ve said they’ve been unexpected shook up about Milton Babbitt’s death. I don’t mean to say that I didn’t expect people to be moved by his passing, he was massively influential figure in basically every academic branch of music in addition to his compositional legacy, […]

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Videos for Watch Time Enjoyment

Jan. × ’11

Here are a couple videos that I’ve been meaning to post for a couple weeks. This first one is Angela and me performing Andrew Paul Jackson‘s Aphorism I at last month’s IhearIC. Or at least Angela and some guy named Chris HD. By contrast, this video is me playing with one of my gifts from […]

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Upcoming Performances: Chamber Music/IhearIC

Dec. × ’10

I’m going to be performing twice next week with my favorite ladypal Angela Lickiss, both times playing Andrew Paul Jackson’s epic Aphorism I: …the abyss also looks into you. The first performance is tonight at 8 PM at the UCC Recital Hall as part of Angela’s chamber music recital which will also feature music by […]

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Does It Make A Sound?

Oct. × ’10

Andrew Paul Jackson, the composer whose Aphorism I I premiered with Angela last May, has started a blog to expound on his own works as well as eventually talk about Nietschze and Shostakovich. I assume that the title is a pithy comment about no one reading said blog, so I aim to correct that. As […]

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Adequately Socialized

Oct. × ’10

Angela and I went to see The Social Network a week ago and we might have been the oldest people in the theater, which is unusual for a movie getting so much Oscar buzz. I doubt it will snag many awards, if not the Academy’s suspicion of David Fincher’s body of work then for the […]

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For All Available Brows

Oct. × ’10

From Life Magazine, circa 1949, proving that musical pretension never goes out of style. (via 10 Engines)

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Memes Are Painless

Sep. × ’10

“[A lot of] stupid things are done in my name!” – John Cage

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A Musical Dramaturg

Mar. × ’10

Last weekend was the university’s annual Jakobsen Conference, wherein all the graduate students get together to play house conference and have a bang-up interdisciplinary time. Maybe it was due to having significantly fewer nerves than last year, but it didn’t seem nearly as well attended. This could have been due to the conference not really […]

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