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A Vignette Which, to the Best of My Memory, Actually Happened at the Liquor Store Where I Work Some Nights

Aug. × ’12

(enter stage left Walrusman, a unkempt gentleman who brings in returns but never makes purchases. He places thirteen empty cans on the counter.) WALRUSMAN: I have fifteen. ANDY: No, you have thirteen. WALRUSMAN: That’s fifteen. (Andy prints a receipt) ANDY: Thirteen. WALRUSMAN: You have no soul. ANDY: Sure. WALRUSMAN: What does your mother think of […]

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A Call To Arms for the Guard

Nov. × ’11

I am resurrecting a brand, as it were. If you are a composer or performer with a good-quality recording of awexome music that you own the rights to that you’d like more people to hear, please contact me either through email or any channels you desire.

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Vegan Black Metal Chef

Nov. × ’11

This is for my parents, who are not vegan.

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Paper Sans Paper (mk 1)

Oct. × ’11

One thing about my presentation in Belgium that I’ve separated off, mainly due to it being only of interest to nerds, was that I did it entirely paperlessly. Unless, of course, you include the sizable copse that was felled in the process of writing the thesis that the paper was based on. This was primarily […]

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The Belgian Emissary

Oct. × ’11

Two years ago I made my senior circuit debut as a musicologist at the 2nd International Conference on Music and Minimalism in Kansas City. I really can’t imagine a better place for me to have done that, since it was perhaps the only moment possible where major scholars would have tolerated a rigorous pitch analysis […]

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In Absentia

Oct. × ’11

Still alive, but only barely. Posts about exciting things upcoming, but first you should come and hear me and the rest of the Fifth Floor Collective tonight at 8 PM at the Boston Conservatory! I’ll be performing two movements of Andrew Paul Jackson’s In Absentia for soprano and mixed ensemble. Dude just keeps writing me […]

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Major ISPs agree to “six strikes” plan

Jul. × ’11

The “six strikes” moniker makes it sound draconian, but the major ISP’s new copyright infringement agreement with the MPAA and RIAA is a very small step towards a saner world. Nate Anderson at Ars Technica breaks in down into human language: The agreement puts heavy emphasis on “education,” going so far as to recast this […]

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Codex Calixtinus stolen from Santiago de Campostela

Jul. × ’11

Why is there no freaking out about this? As someone who is having trouble getting autograph sources from 1980, the loss of a known 12th-century manuscript is gutwrenching.

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Atonal Composers Gather For Atony Awards

Jul. × ’11

Award season is picking up, but everyone knows the best parties are after the Microtonys.

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The “Strad” Is Not a Comic Journal

Jun. × ’11

Instrumentals journals of the late 19th century, much like movies taped off of cable in the 1980s, are almost as valuable for the advertisements as for the main content. (via A Close Shave, conductor Timothy Verville’s new blog which seems set on angering people in a very intellectually sound way. He also provides this service […]

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