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The Declaration of Independence

Jul. × ’11

No, seriously. When was the last time you actually read the thing? Happy Fourth of July.

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Teleology, Always You Wrestle Inside Me

Jul. × ’11

Last weekend I went to Boston to endorse the wedding of two good friends (Congratulations again Andrew and Erica) and while Angela is off in Rome I took the opportunity to briefly live the bachelor life with my friend, composer Joe Colombo, who himself is shortly off to San Francisco. As a musicologist and composer, […]

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A Valentine From Your Five Favorite Swarthy Dudes

Feb. × ’11

So you might have heard that Radiohead has wished us all a happy Valentimes. But it appears that The King Of Limbs will be released in a more Reznor-style format than the Bandcamp model of In Rainbows, except with only two gradations rather than eight or something. So what’s a Newspaper Album? Really guys? The […]

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In 2010 I…

Jan. × ’11

Well, this is closer than last year anyway. And it’s always good to improve, right? Presented a paper at a international conference, and it was about video games. Nice. Started home brewing beer, because I have a lot of free time that needs to be filled with hobbies Lost a dear friend, but he will […]

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Couchin’ No More

Apr. × ’10

Yesterday I posted to my Tvitter a run I did with RunKeeper, which is a ridiculously fantastic iPhone app for collecting all sorts of data while you run. I am admittedly very narcissistic about data concerning myself (, Foursquare, what have you), but I usually know better than to think this sort of info is […]

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Neo-Curation Is The New Post-Creative Act

Mar. × ’10

I’m totally going to finish that manifesto on digital notation in the near future srsly, but since I totally missed the topical train 1 I might as well try and chase another one down. Last Tuesday my ethnomusicology class had a battery of articles on globalization and post-modernity and post-colonialism and post-everything to read. However, […]

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That Which Is Fundamental

Jan. × ’10

In 1980, when Julius Eastman gave his concert at Northwestern University, Martin Luther King Jr. Day didn’t exist yet. This didn’t stop the university’s black community from honoring his birthday proper with lectures, celebrations, and a conference about race issues on the campus. Although I believe the timing of Eastman’s concert the next day was […]

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In 2009 I…

Jan. × ’10

Didn’t get around to doing this list, that’s for damn sure! 1 That’s just because shit got heavy right at the end. Well, not really that bad. Not as much shuck and jive as last year, but much like the Yakuza I have the patience to wait. Gave my first paper at a for-real conference! […]

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For To Battel

Jul. × ’09

Over a week late, but you know. My apologies to anyone who shares an eastern border with Iowa. The Smartest Iowan now apparently operates itself as a Facebook group, and hopefully this will be the middle installment of a University of Iowa musicologist trifecta. Click here for Star Wars and eventually here for Return of […]

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A Worthy Adversary

Jun. × ’09

Tonight I will be returning to public access television, a former station of glory for me, to compete on PATV’s The Smartest Iowan gaming television show program against a truly worthy adversary. Little does Angela know that I have prior public access trivia answering experience with ultimate success. The showdown occurs at 8 PM CDT, […]

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