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Vegan Black Metal Chef

Nov. × ’11

This is for my parents, who are not vegan.

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The Hetfield of Cooking

Aug. × ’07

Just when I thought Anthony Bourdain couldn’t get more awexome. “I know there’s deep inside (me) some lazy hippie who’d be perfectly happy to lay on the couch, smoke weed and watch `The Simpsons’ all day,” he said.“I’m really afraid of that guy. I don’t like him. I don’t want him around. And my whole […]

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Happy Freedom Explosion Day

Jul. × ’07

Am I the only person in the America not way pumped about Joey Chestnut defeating Tageru Kobayashi in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest? I know that today is supposed to be all about Freedom and ‘Merica, but ESPN commentators were about to make me have a reversal. “The belt will return to America on […]

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Tasty Tunes

Jun. × ’07

A comparison between food and music isn’t really groundbreaking, Soho did a bit on composer recipes a while back and the Dial M gents are compiling a collection of musicological cocktails. My attempt won’t be as clever or utilitarian as either of those, but I got thinking when I read a blog post from chef […]

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You Live In The Universe This Whole Time

Mar. × ’07

Big ol’ drought. That was weird, sorry about that guys. The Conservatory was on spring break this past week and my parents came up while I had some time off, thusly I did all the touristy nonsense that I have neglected in the six months I’ve been here. It’s been great. I actually have a […]

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