Andy H-D is a guitarist, musicologist, music engraver, pinhole photographer and aspirational polymath based out of Iowa City, IA. He holds degrees in guitar playing from Lawrence University and the Boston Conservatory, and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in musicology from the University of Iowa. Andy has been blogging since 2006 (originally under the guise The Black Torrent Guard) and thinks that your hair looks nice that way.

Colophon (Electronic)

The blog is powered by WordPress, currently using the Arclite template, on a DreamHost server. My plain-text nerdery is primarily enabled by TextWrangler, but I am becoming increasingly fond of TeXShop. All Intertubes work is done on one trooper of a white MacBook, still running since I’m holding out for Snow Leopard.

All musical examples are rendered in Lilypond, and PDFs compiled in LaTeX.

Colophon (Musical)

My classical guitar was built by Stephen Kakos in 1975, the first year he was building guitars under his own name. My electric guitars include a Les Paul 1960 Reissue and a Ibanez RG 7 string, mainly played through a Marshall Triple Super Lead.

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