The Guard's Question Time II: Fun with Classical Music

Submitted by Andy on Mon, 03/26/2007 - 15:36

Oh shit, quiz time. You know I can't say no. (via Soho the Dog, still my hero) I encourage all of you to play along at home.

1. Name an opera you love for the libretto, even though you don't particularly like the music.

The Consul is pretty brutal, but you really start to feel those three hours.

2. Name a piece you wish Glenn Gould had played.


You Live In The Universe This Whole Time

Submitted by Andy on Sat, 03/24/2007 - 08:20

Big ol' drought. That was weird, sorry about that guys.

The Conservatory was on spring break this past week and my parents came up while I had some time off, thusly I did all the touristy nonsense that I have neglected in the six months I've been here. It's been great. I actually have a couple stories that the populace might be interested in, but in the interest of actually posting something I'll only tell one (for now).



Submitted by Andy on Mon, 03/05/2007 - 16:09

Barf Barf Barf Barf Barf (but hey! Check #100!)

See Soho The Dog for more information.

But he has delivered unto us a meme, and you know how I do with those. Inspired by Hattogate, the questions posed are simple: Whose performances would you like to be able to pass off as your own, and whose performances do you think you actually could?


Alas Papa Joe, We Hardly Knew Ye

Submitted by Andy on Sun, 03/04/2007 - 11:55

I'm finally done with my Haydn seminar, with a touch of a regret and perhaps even a newfound respect for actual Classical music. (I imagine if myself from even a year ago heard me saying that he would try to strike me down. Great vengeance. Furious anger.) I can't say this will result in an upswing in posting, since my upcoming concerto seminar may decide to shank me just as well.


If I Ran The Zoo: Feb 22-25

Submitted by Andy on Thu, 02/22/2007 - 10:47

I am never promising to deliver anything the next day ever again unless it is already written. I'm not a pro blogger yet. However in the days that I've been trying to write about the Alarm Will Sound concert it seems like I'm started to be invited to the big kid's table. So I best get that shit done.

You'll notice that this weekend's dance card is a touch heavier than the last.