In 2009 I...

Submitted by Andy on Thu, 01/07/2010 - 20:53

Didn't get around to doing this list, that's for damn sure! [1. Backdate the post, you say? And damage my journalistic integrity?] That's just because shit got heavy right at the end. Well, not really that bad. Not as much shuck and jive as last year, but much like the Yakuza I have the patience to wait.

  • Gave my first paper at a for-real conference! It went alright.
  • Also gave my first paper at a kids' table conference, but it doesn't have quite the same swing to it. Oddly enough, it didn't go as well.
  • Moved into a house with a basement that can hold my sweet amp.
  • Digitally moved Angela and I to our own domains. Classy.
  • Held down a dog upside down so he could get an ultrasound scan. Not as classy.
  • Rejoined the ranks of the gainfully employed (and insured!) as a TA.
  • Bought a freakin' car on New Year's Eve, no less. Godspeed, Blue Jetta.

New Year's Resolution: Write more! A joke you've heard before. Also take Angela on more dates. I wouldn't put good money on that first one.


Sounds like an accomplished year and full of class. Kids are a tough crowd. I think Angela will fully support your date resolution. :D