Wha' Happen?

Submitted by Andy on Wed, 06/17/2009 - 19:32

For those who were reading my earlier blog, The Black Torrent Guard, the title of this post likely sums up your thoughts. Given I haven't posted upon it since 2008, this number is likely few. Nonetheless, I feel explaining why I chose to abandon the Blogspot ship and declare "New Dealer" will simultaneously serve as a good mission statement to get this new endeavor off the ground.

It seems that for someone who wants to write for a living (which is essentially what a musicologist does), a blog can be both a curse and blessing. It provides a persistent opportunity, but if you're really writing for sustenance other opportunities show up and the blog can't always be a priority. I also felt like I had painted myself into a corner as a "musicology blog". Despite the fact that I frequently wrote about other topics, I always felt that I wasn't what I was supposed to be doing. Academic paranoia also set in once I formally declared myself in the trade and I feared for writing about anything lest I decided to write a formal paper on the subject.

Academic blogs seem to do two things:

  • Bitch about the tedium of the ivory tower (Advising, administration, non-majors, etc.)
  • Explore "recreational" areas of the trade, that are too disrespected or experimental to present in a more traditional forum. [1. The only decent example of this I can think of is Roger Penrose's initial forays into non-periodic tiling.]

The first quits being fun after a while and the second doesn't seem to apply to musicology. Thus every musicology blog I followed, with the exception of Soho the Dog, appears to have inevitably strangled to death. [2. Soho, I might add, does the closest thing to what I would call "recreational musicology". Bask in the brillance of this post concerning a concert attended by Sherlock Holmes.] So I'm starting over, hoping to avoid the same mistakes that dragged me down before.

There are also two ways to rebuild. One is in the shadow of Merlin Mann's empire, separate fiefdoms for each hat he wears. I can't do that, the borders will shift and the colors will bleed (but not run!!!!!111). So I've decide to compile everything on this: my new website. It might sound pretentious, but let me be clear. I do not blog, I write. I write on my website. When embroiled in a paper I might take a break from posting on music, or posting at all, but this will remain my corner of the Intertubes - SEO be damned.

Wordpress is fantastic for this, since the higher strata of categories over tags perfectly dividing my spastic interests. I plan to try and develop separate feeds for these categories, so those who want something similar to The Black Torrent Guard can have just the music posts, but you'll miss my rants on soccer or videogames or how Iowa City is turning me into a hippy. I've used Wordpress to build the entire site, so I've added sound files of my guitar work and all of my efforts thusfar in writing program notes. This also divorces content from design in a way I couldn't do with Blogger, so expect the look and feel of the site to change until I'm happy with it. Likely never.

Sorry about the hiatus, which I believe was longer than my last one, but hopefully I can getting back to getting my stupid ideas out of my head onto your screens.