Fanboy Diminished

Submitted by Andy on Thu, 01/11/2007 - 20:26

I've been using Macs for as long as I've been using computers, but I would hesitate to call myself an Apple fanboy. Sure, I've never had a non-Apple computer and tippity-type upon a MacBook at the moment. I also am a Pod person, and take every swipe at Microsoft that's available. (The "Surgery" pairing of the Hodg-man and the guy from the next Die Hard movie is especially delicious) But this is where the buck ends.

A couple of years ago my iPod at the time committed some sort of dignified seppuku, which upon sending to Apple was diagnosed as fine despite still not working when I recieved it back. Back in the present, after some typical memory issues with the battery of my MacBook it has chosen to stop taking any sort of charge. Since I assumed it to be similiar memory problems I let it drain completely. Now the fantastically designed MagSafe power connection that I showed off to everyone upon has allowed swift winds to rob me of whatever work I happen to have not saved.

To extend the bitterness I'm not particularly juiced by any of the Macworld announcement, I would have preferred information about Leopard or something I can afford. Even my slavish devotion fails to see the quantum leap between the iPhone and the current CrackBerry marketplace. It was more fun when we were the underdogs.